Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cider Making!

I think it's safe to say a great time was had by all, Sue put it best on her Facebook update: "had a wonderful day making apple juice for cider with Carol Kirkup, Tracey Bennett and friends - amazing what you can do with a few barrows of apples, a garden shredder and a borrowed cider press. The shared lunch was delicious too -that really is what community is all about"

So true, a day only to be topped by our Xmas party where we get to drink it! I won't gush further but will let the photos do the talking.

First, collect apples by the barrow load

Next, organise a production line of small children to put said apples into a garden shredder.

Shred the apples neatly into a bucket, making sure no-one gets struck by half shredded apples flying out of the top.

Load the shredded pulp into a borrowed apple press and sqeeeeeeeeze.


Pause for lunch. (Don't want to overdo it)

And finally - the product of our labours, 7 gallons of apple juice hot footing it to Mark's brewing cupboard. How many pints each?? Roll on the Christmas Party!

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