Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Boys! Girls! Raise Pigs - You can do it too!

Ta daa! Here we are at last. The brand new shiny Waveney Valley Pig Club. We've actually been going for over a year now but have only recently struck out as an independent club in our own right.

To date we've raised two batches of pigs, the first were Gloucester Old Spots and the second Mangolitza/Tamworth crosses (trouble makers in the extreme) We're based at Kadesh Community Farm in Palgrave where we have a paddock and pray for Katy the Gloucester Old Spot to have a big enough litter to keep us in bacon all year!

Over the last year we've learned a lot about pig rearing, not least the vast difference between our pork and supermarket pork. Living a healthy, outdoor life gives the pigs the chance to not only to eat a variety of vegetation but to exercise those tasty muscles too. This creates amazingly good pork, much darker and richer in flavour than even the most expensive supermarket meat.

Kadesh is a beautiful spot and home to a variety of animals, as well as pigs there are goats, chickens and turkeys. Members' children have great fun visiting, sometimes they're happy to help with the feeding, sometimes they collect eggs and sometimes we let them off the work and they can just run about in the picnic area.

Katy is currently pregnant and due to give birth in the next couple of weeks, we've no idea how many piglets she'll have, could be anything from 2 to 10 - that's an awful lot of pork!

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