Saturday, 22 September 2012

Saffron Community Foundation Visit

Today was the day we welcomed Michael Harrowven and Isabelle Agrir of Saffron Community Foundation to Kadesh for a visit. Luckily for everyone concerned, the weather has been kind to us, perfectly bright, crisp and Autumnal.

The animals were keen to say hello, although the runner beans we threw into the pen were probably responsible for the piggy interest. Crispy the chicken is a different matter as she used to be one of mine but when her egg laying days came to an end we 'retired' her to Kadesh. She seemed pleased to see us again, at least she insisted on being in the thick of the action as Steve showed Michael and Isabelle around.

Unfortunately Katy continued to make us wait(y) for the cute new piglets we thought we'd have to show off. She's still waddling around not showing any signs of farrowing yet

Ruth very kindly made some of her pork liver pate (Recipe here) to give Michael and Isabelle an idea of the quality of the pork we've all enjoyed so far, both the Rosemary/peppercorn and Apple/Sage versions went down very well! For some strange reason no-one wanted to sample the cider I brought to go with the pate which meant I had to take it all home again. Oh dear, what a shame, I'll have to work my way through that tonight .....

And here we all, clustered around the appropriately shaped Pizza oven receiving our novelty cheque! Thank you to Saffron once again for helping us to get our project off the ground and thanks to everyone who turned up today and helped to make it a really lovely morning.

For a full photo gallery of the visit, take a look at our facebook page.

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